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Babies with gas pain also tend to pull up their legs and then stretch out, arching their back. (Note, these symptoms could also be signs of colic or reflux.). Colocaid drops treat stomach pain, gas in the stomach, and flatulence in infants. Are Colocaid drops safe for newborns? Directions. Shake well before using. Only use enclosed dropper; fill to prescribed level and dispense liquid slowly into child's mouth, toward inner cheek.

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Simethicone reduces the amount of gas in a baby's stomach by dispersing the foam that forms when air is swallowed during feeding. The active ingredient. You can find baby gas drops at most drug stores. These drops contain an ingredient called simethicone which is made to relieve the symptoms of having too much. Gas drops explained Gas drops are a medical treatment. Their chief active ingredient is simethicone, an ingredient that breaks up gas bubbles in the stomach.

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It helps relieve the painful pressure by breaking up gas bubbles in the stomach and intestines. It can be used in infants, children and adults. Babies. #1. Infant's Mylicon Gas Relief Drops. Most Pharmacist Votes · 62% ; #2. Little Remedies Little Tummys Gas Relief Drops · 15% ; #3. Hyland's Baby Gas Drops · 7% ; #4. MYLICON® Infant Drops (drug name is “simethicone”) Mylicon gas drops are commonly used for the treatment of gas in newborns/infants.