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Everything you bring into the courthouse must be put in a tray and screened - cell phones, laptops, books, magazines, etc. You will walk through a metal. You may bring cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. You will pass through security upon entering so please make sure you do not have any small. What can I bring with me to jury service?

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You may bring drinks in plastic containers or paper cups only. You will need to show your summons at security to be allowed to proceed through security with. Many courthouses permit jurors to bring food into the jury assembly area, but others prohibit food, other than for special dietary or health needs. If you have. A citizen of the United States · At least 18 years of age · A resident of the county in which you are to serve as a juror · Able to communicate in English · Not.

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What can I bring with me to the. This includes court staff, attorneys, parties to a case, jurors, witnesses and the public. The Court can remove people from the courtroom who do not dress or. Dress comfortably, but not too casually. Dress for court in a manner that maintains the dignity of the court. For example, many judges do not allow anyone to.