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Global Warranty can provide you with an extended warranty for a used vehicle of up to kms on the powertrain. Call today to learn more. Vehicles usually come with a manufacturer's warranty when they're purchased new. But what happens when that warranty runs out? Or if you buy a car used? Aftermarket extended warranties are very similar to OEM extended warranties, but instead of being offered by the carmaker, they are offered by independent.

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An extended warranty is actually an insurance policy on your vehicle, a safeguard against expensive, unforeseen repairs. Extended warranties can provide protection for used cars that are outside the manufacturer's warranty or provide extended coverage for new vehicles. The. An extended vehicle warranty takes over when the manufacturer's warranty ends, and covers the costs of replacement parts and labour for major (and costly) car.

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An“extended warranty” or vehicle service contract (VSC) is an added protection that you can purchase for your vehicle that covers it beyond the manufacturer. Freedom Warranties' extended vehicle warranty plans cover all makes and models of vehicles, including economy and classic vehicles. All of our plans, such as. Drivers can think of an extended warranty as having an extra safety net if your major powertrain warranty has ended and a major repair comes up. Your extended.